Last updated 14th February 2021

Routes of COVID-19 Transmission

The classic routes of virus transmission are through close contact, through the air we breath and by touching surfaces.

Current research suggests that transmission via surfaces is the least important mode of transmission.

Close contact with infected people and the spreading of the virus through the air seems to be the most likely routes of transmission.

Where does COVID-19 spread?

The majority of COVID-19 infections occur within our houses and other residences where close and sustained contact with someone who is already infectious is inevitable.

To reduce the risk of catching the virus indoors, ventilation with fresh air is desirable. This can be achieved by opening doors and windows.

Outdoors the risk of transmission is reduced as any virus in the air is diluted by the fresh air.

What is the risk of catching COVID-19 during an activity?

What are the risks of grocery shopping or attending a hospital appointment?

Some activities are more risky than others. the Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force and Committee on Infectious Diseases have created a chart that ranks activities on their risk level for catching COVID-19. The table is reproduced below.